Q: "Hey Woltaire, I liked your artwork. What do you use to make it."

A:"Oh, thank you! Most of my artwork is done with "The Gimp", wich is a freeware programm, that is quite equal to Photoshop. I use small rudimentary scetches to get an impression of what I want, and then I digitalize it and add colours and shadings. But I still work with my hands..."


Q:"Woltaire, are your graphics partially 3D rendered?"

A:"Yes! I use "Blender", another freeware 3d-modeler and renderer to gain simple rendering effects and to speed up the creation of backgrounds. But all my renderings get remastered with "The Gimp".


Q:"What engine do you use for your adventure games."

A:"I use the powerful "Adventure Game Studio" by Chris Jones."